Usernames and Passwords

Your username and password are required to log in to the server. The username is a plain username (e.g. "eddy") and not of the form eddy@somedomain.

Your username and password can be used to log in to webmail, read e-mail and send e-mail. It can only be used over secure protocols (i.e. IMAP secure, SMTP with Transport Layer Security, https for webail).

Reading e-mail


Webmail is largely ready to go at, but you must first set a valid From: address for your outgoing e-mails. This is configured under Manage, Webmail preferences, Compose. Note that not everything on the management screen is currently configured/working. However, Addressbook does work and is well worth setting up eg. from an Outlook or Thunderbird CSV file - see help on the addressbook page

Reading e-mail using IMAP

E-mail can be read using an IMAP mail client of your choice (e.g. Thunderbird, Outlook etc); PINE and Webmail also use IMAP to check mail. Secure IMAP connections are accepted as follows:

In both cases you will need your username and password

PINE via shell account

The PINE e-mail client is installed and PINE can be used to read e-mail from a shell account

Sending outgoing e-mail


Should "just work".

SMTP from e-mail program

Mail is always accepted for domains hosted here. For relaying to non-local domains, users must be using a secure method and must be authenticated. Configure mail clients as follows:

Shell accounts

To log in via a shell account you will need to use SSH. Send Eddy your public key; username/password login is not permitted.